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Helene Segara was conceived on 26th February 1971 of every Six-Fours-Les-Plages, a modest community on the shoreline of the Mediterranean ocean. Her dad, Bernar, an Italian, worked in a shipyard, and her mom Teresa, an Armenian, worked in charge of the executives From her dad, who preferred show, Helene has acquired inclination to singing.

After her folks get separated in 1979, Helene, 8 years of age, remained to live with her mom, yet there was a lot of contention circumstances. Teresa didn’t share the goals of her little girl to turn into a vocalist. In the future, she’d see her little girl working in government.

Hélène Ségara Lingerie Pics

Be that as it may, Helene announced her mom that she’d sing. At eleven she participated in a challenge that she’d won by singing the tune “L’amouren legacy” of Nana Mouskouri. The top of the saw a future star in Helene and said this to her folks.

Hélène Ségara Bikini Pics
Hélène Ségara Bikini Pics

Be that as it may, they didn’t care for this thought, because, Helene, as they suspected, was too youthful to even think about beginning a profession of a vocalist. At 14 Helene left her mom’s home and moved to her dad. After a year she left the school and started singing in bars, eateries, and clubs of the Azure coast.

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Her collection comprised of 1200 French and Anglo-Saxon tunes. In 1993 Helene discharged her single melody, however, the tune wasn’t fruitful. In 1996 Helene chose to leave the Azure coast and to move to Paris, to give herself a genuine opportunity to accomplish more in her calling.

Helene couldn’t become acclimated to her new life in the capital. She came back toward the South, yet a couple of seconds minutes after the fact she left the South once more. After some tuning in various studios, she met FabrizioSalvadori, who familiar her with Orlando (the sibling and the maker of Dalida), who was truly intrigued by Helene’s voice. He chose to help Helene.

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