Chryssa has a profile… smash!

Chryssa has a profile… smash! 1

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Chryssa has a profile… smash!
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Chryssa has a profile… smash!
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Chryssa has a profile… smash!
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The champion of artistic swimming, Chryssa Tsitou, with huge distinctions with the National team, talks to Mediaday about this special profession that hardly survives in Greece, baby swimming, modeling and has a profile on Instagram which is… an eye-opener!

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"I am a certified aerial acrobatic coach and a baby swimming coach. I have been involved in artistic swimming since I was 4 years old at a championship level. From the age of 15 until I was 19 I was a member of the national team and I won the 5th place in Europe. Now I have included artistic swimming in my teachings. I work with the profile of artistic swimming both in the acrobatic airspace and in the pool clearly. In my opinion, for Greece, it is a special profession where only if you run it smart is it very profitable according to the data of Greece ”she says!

"I decided to take up this profession without trying too hard, in fact the job I was building for so many years around the championship, I made it a profession. My hobbies are my job. They are quite innovative professions that have a future as long as you play your cards smartly ".

Chryssa has a profile… smash! 2

"Dance is my soul, whenever I was given the opportunity I would participate in Just 2 of us".

Chryssa has a profile… smash! 3

"I have always liked modeling and I combine it with my work, so yes it was always in my plans."

"Beauty tips: I spend every day of my life without stress, I do things that fill me and I like."

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