Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

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“Sex in a public bathroom.”

1Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Calling your ex. Its a bad idea guys. Don’t do it.”

2Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Cumming inside a girl with no protection used.”

3Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

Masturbating using a Totino’s Pepperoni Party Pizza. God damn 15 yr old me was f*cking dumb.”

4Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“VERY Hot wax…”

5Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Around 30 tabs. Yeah I’m definitely gonna watch every single one of those.”

6Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Stalking someone’s social media. It always seems to end with accidentally liking a bikini pic from the 4th of July 2017 at 3 am.”

7Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“That time I cut a hole in a stuffed mickey mouse souvenir glove from Disneyland and tried to f*ck it… And after it sat in my cabinet for years I found out that my mom gave it away to one of my cousins.”

8Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Something as simple as messaging an old fling. Text her, she doesn’t answer fast enough, masturbate and then first thought post cum is ‘f*ck I shouldn’t have messaged her’. This is post nut clarity.”

9Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Jacking off and watching porn when someone is home and it is day time, so they can potentially interrupt you while you’re stroking it.”

10Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“I knew a girl who got a crazy yeast infection because she used some sorta oil for cooking down there masturbating. I wanna say it was olive oil or something but i can only remember for sure that it was meant for the kitchen not the cooch.”

11Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Literally messaging anyone you’re attracted to. Your thoughts will always be around how horny you are. Always remember to nut before you type.”

12Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Using conditioner for lube in the shower.”

13Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Suck my own dick.”

14Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Strip clubs, it’s just awkward.”

15Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“When I was like 14 I decided it might feel good to masturbate with silly putty. It was decent but the clean up and silly putty stuck in my pubes afterward wasn’t worth it at all.”

16Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

“Ice cubes in ass, please don’t ask.”

17Crazy Grown-Up Things (17 gifs)

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