DJ No Pare REMIX / Nastya Nass Twerk

DJ No Pare REMIX / Nastya Nass Twerk

Song : “DJ No pare REMIX” de Justin Quiles Ft Natti Natasha, Zion, Lenny Tavarez, Farruko y Dalex

Available on all digital platforms:

■ JUSTIN QUILES @jquiles

■ NATTI NATASHA @nattinatasha

■ ZION @zion

■ LENNY TAVAREZ @lennytavarez

■ FARRUKO @farrukooficial

■ DALEX @dalexmusic


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  1. Reggaeton Is the best music to dance like this. In Latin America, girls know how to do it. Not like you, because you're a pro girl! But we do it sexy. Hope you do a choreography, because your moves are amazing!

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