These are the characteristics of a really sexy woman

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At first glance the man will see the external appearance of a woman. But when he chooses a partner, he certainly does not stay only in the λι wrapper. The researchers wanted to find out what are the characteristics of women who are sexually attracted to men.

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A study conducted in California showed that men are sexually attracted to external beauty but also to their character traits that have to do with whether they are playful, willing, tender and say thank you.

She is playful

The study found that women who take themselves too seriously are not sexy. In contrast, women who are comfortable enough to “play” with, flirt with, and who are not worried about risking their reputation are considered more attractive. To be precise, men consider “play” a sign of maturity in a woman – it shows that she loves life and is not ashamed to show it.

She is beautiful

Outward beauty may be a topic of much discussion as the standards for each man differ but what most men agree on as criteria for a woman’s beauty are: dressing that flatters her figure, pampering herself and is interested in how men see her. However, few men find a woman sexy who tries too hard to look good.

Exterior appearance and interior comfort

The majority of men want a woman who is always comfortable and who talks maturely about sex – when the occasion is right. At the same time, they consider the women they admire to be irresistible and motivate them to pursue their dreams.

She is tender

As much as men do not show it, they love physical contact. And the woman who knows this and offers it generously is considered very sexy by them.

He says “thank you”

It seems that men deeply appreciate the woman who does not fail to say “thank you”.

She is willing

The woman who has rules but can ignore them is very sexy according to many men.

He kisses wonderfully

Every man wants a woman who knows how to kiss. A kiss can, in fact, trigger a woman’s sex appeal in a matter of seconds.

He laughs mainly with his jokes

When a woman laughs at her partner’s jokes she is considered very sexy. However, men are apparently not interested in women who tell jokes every now and then, but in women with a good sense of humor.

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